ChildrenChange_logo_RGBChildren Change was founded by Sarah Amy Glensor Best.Cuddles with Dad

Children Change generates awareness throughout communities on the impacts and importance of how we care for our tamariki/children – along with ways to achieve our goals of care – and helping people reach for all the possibilties life can offer.

Our childhood experiences and the quality of interactions we have with those adults closest to us have an enormous impact on the structure and functioning of our childhood, adolescent and adult brains.

Children Change offers workshops and presentations, publications, blog commentary and ideas on how we can support our children to not only love their childhood but also create a fulfilling future, thereby making a difference in the world and into the future. Through this website you can connect with others who can also assist you in this journey, see Friends & Heroes. There is a growing following with people who appreciate the need to understand and prioritise the developmental needs of our youngest citizens. Join us on Facebook and other social media through the links above and below.


Sarah Amy Glensor Best, BSc, Advocate for Life’s PossibilitiesPhotos from Jane 015

Workshop and meeting facilitator                    Professional author

                Passionate & informed speaker

                                Brainwave Trust Aotearoa kaiako/educator

      New Zealand Playcentre Federation adult education facilitator

                       SPACE facilitator                Questioning social observer

                             Enthusiastic amateur blogger

        Motivated change activist                      Conscious parent of three

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